Our Journey

All started with a live event

Just like a slight breeze of air produces small waves on a colossal sea, a small, uncanny observation made by a young engineer in February 1988 produced a massive wave in the water feature industry of India, which is today known as Ripples Engineering Pvt Ltd.

Ripples Fountains Journey Image
Ripples Fountains Journey Image

Strategic Vision

Mr. Anil Raina, the man behind 'Ripples',stumbled upon the world of fountains during his stint with a German Food Processing Machinery Company at an exhibition in Delhi. A few indoor fountains that had been imported from Germany to enhance the beauty of the stall garnered greater attention than the equipment that was being exhibited at the stall! Just like the name of the brand, a ripple of a business idea was produced in his mind. He foresaw this small observation to be a huge opportunity and decided to step into a new, innovative business arena and explore the possibility of manufacturing portable fountains in India.

Ripples Fountains Journey Image

Eureka Moment

Like his first encounter with water fountains, he again stumbled upon his first inspiration to kick start his business on an uncanny location - a book on aquariums. He used a small submersible pump used in fish aquarium filters, attached it to a locally manufactured nozzle to produce his first prototype. The initial lot of fountains were exceptionally well received and were completely sold out through organic publicity made by his friends and well-wishers. The overwhelming response and encouragement that flooded him, gave 'Ripples' the push that was needed to take the company onwards and upwards from thereon.


'Ripples' paved its way to constant success by transforming from a small start-up with 1 employee to a huge company with over 120 employees over the last 30 years. Today 'Ripples' is one of the largest fountain manufacturers in India, its product portfolio includes a wide range of fountains, right from portable indoor fountains to large Architectural fountains, Swimming Pools and large custom made Multimedia Show fountains. Most of the equipment being manufactured at an in-house factory here in Noida (India).

The success of 'Ripples' is a result of years and years of relentless research and development poured in the field of Hydraulics, Lighting and Control equipment. From being an ISO 9001:2015 certified company with over 30 years of experience to having some of the best brains in the water feature industry as a part of its workforce, Ripples Engineering without a doubt is leading the water feature industry in India and is poised to take on the world market.

Brand Evolution Story

Ripples Fountains Journey Image

Over the last few years Ripples has evolved from a water feature and pool company to one that creates masterpieces in public and private entertainment with water, light and sound, using cutting edge technology perfected over the last 32 years. This Evolution resulted in the change in brand image that you can see in our new Logo.
The four free flowing lines form waves and the waves together form a conch, signifying life in water and the sacred sound of a conch, both of which were inspirational to the change.
What started as tiny Ripples in 1989 has evolved into a giant wave over the years.

Our Timeline

Ripples Fountains Timeline