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Factory Manager

Department / Functional Area: Production

Salary range: 5 to 6 lacs per annum

Job Location: Noida 

Experience: 8 to 10 years in similar roles with minimum 2 years at a senior position.

Education: Degree / Diploma in Engineering (Mechanical / Electrical / Production) 

Candidates Requirement's:
  1. Adequate knowledge of engineering processes such as machining, welding, fabrication, assembly etc. 
  2. Familiarity with industry standard equipment and technical expertise.
  3. Knowledge of safety, quality, productivity, inventory management and logistics. 
  4. Computer literacy, with proficiency in word, excel and email. 
  5. Ability to create accountability and to lead by example
  6. Strong team building, decision-making and people management skills.
  7. Excellent communication skills verbal as well as written. 

Job Description:
  1. Production planning and control 
  2. Responsible for overseeing the performance and delegating tasks to workers.
  3. Ensuring that the factory target are met and all production orders are completed in a timely manner.
  4. Developing and implementing innovative strategies to streamline factory operations. 
  5. Screening, recruiting and training new factory workers.
  6. Ensuring that factory machinery is in good working condition.
  7. Preparing production reports daily and monthly and submitting them to key decision-makers.
  8. Regularly inspecting finished products to determine whether they meet established quality standards.
  9. Responsible for maintaining a positive work environment and demonstrate good leadership abilities.
  10. Managing the day to day activities of the factory.
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Back-office Executive

Department / Functional Area: Sales 

Salary range: 2 to 3 lacs per annum

Job Location: Noida 

Experience: 2 to 4 years in similar role.

Education: Graduate or Diploma

Job Description / Prerequisites:
  1. To manage the backend work of the sales team.
  2. Good verbal and written communication skills.
  3. Good experience in MS Office. 
  4. Tech Savvy and efficient worker.
  5. Attend to clients on phone and in person. 
  6. Team working skills. 
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Business Head (Tendering and Corporate sales)

Department / Functional Area: Project Sales & Marketing 

Product: Fixed installations of Multimedia Shows, Musical Fountains & Laser Shows.

Salary range: 7 to 8 lacs per annum

Job Location: Noida 

Experience: 8 to 10 years in similar role with minimum 2 years in a senior position. 

Education: Post Graduate with degree in Engineering preferred.

Job Description:
  1. To lead the tendering and corporate sales department as a profit centre head.
  2. Plan business strategies for the vertical.
  3. Lead the team to achieve required results. 
  4. Should have a very good grasp of English language to read and understand the finer details of tender documents.
  5. Coordinate with team to collate tender information from various sources including tendering sites, industry and market intelligence, being in touch with probable clients.
  6. Vet incoming tenders and check all relevant details related to participation.
  7. Monitor tender submissions accurately and on time.
  8. Attend Prebid and Presentation meetings with clients and get tender pre qualifications suitably amended wherever required. 
  9. Monitor projects under execution and liaison with clients till project is closed and payments are collected.
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