Floating Multimedia Fountain Show at Rajdhani Sarovar Naya Raipur, India (June 2018)
Ripples was awarded the prestigious project of designing and building a Musical fountain with Multimedia show at Rajdhani Sarovar at Naya Raipur by the Naya Raipur Development Authority. The project was conceived to showcase the newly developed township of Naya Raipur. It was completed in record time and was inaugurated by the Hon. Chief Minister of Chattisgarh Dr Raman Singh in June 2018. Since then it has been under operation and maintenance with Ripples and has been entertaining an audience of 200 to 2000 people daily.
Scope of Work:
1. Design, Supply, Installation, Commissioning of Floating Musical fountain and Laser show.
2. Development of content for projection on water screen.
3. Operation and maintenance of the show for 3 years.
Type of Fountain: Floating on a Lake
Size: 75m x 15m
Client: Nava Raipur Atal Nagar Vikas Pradikaran
Location: Rajdhani Sarovar Lake at Naya Raipur, Chattisgarh, India
Commissioned: June 2018

Equipment Details:

  • Chasing Jets – 188
  • 2D Robotic Jets – 20
  • 3D Robotic Jets – 21
  • Flame Jets – 4
  • Flame with Water Jets – 6
  • Water Screen: 1 (10m x 30m)
  • Lights: RGB IP68 LED lights with DMX control - 260
  • Projector: 1 Video Projector, installed in a temp and humidity controlled floating enclosure.

Video Gallery