Multimedia Fountain at Global Village, Dubai (November 2012)
When Global Village Dubai decided to add a Musical Fountain Show to their lake at the exhibition ground Ripples was selected after due diligence out of a group of international companies. The task at hand was to create a multimedia show that would add to the many attractions at the Global Village. The project was a challenge since the fountain was not floating and had to be installed in a lake without draining it and without damaging the floor so special protective sheets had to be fixed on all the equipment that touched the pool bottom and long boom cranes had to be used to place the equipment in place. The show became an instant hit and was a major attraction at the Global Village that year.
Scope of Work:
1. Design, Supply, Installation, Commissioning of Musical fountain, Water Screen and Lasers. 2. Operation and maintenance of the show during the Global Village Fair.
Type of Fountain: Fixed in a pool.
Size: Fountain size: 50m x 10m
Client: M/s Global Village, Dubai
Location: Global Village, Dubai(UAE)
Commissioned: October 2014

Equipment Details:

  • Tall Jets - 5
  • Sway Jets – 4 Sets
  • Cross Jets – 6 Sets
  • Crown Rings – 5
  • Flower jets - 6
  • Butterfly - 4
  • Arching Jets – 2
  • Sunburst – 1
  • Water Screen - 1
  • Lights: RGB IP68 LED lights with PLC control – 135

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