Musical Fountain Show at Central Park (Connaught Place), New Delhi, India (November 2021)
When the Delhi Metro Rail Corporation reinstated the Central Park in Connaught Place, New Delhi after constructing one of the largest underground Metro Stations of the city the objective was to give to the city a large recreational space of international quality. Being one of the most prestigious locations in the city the client New Delhi Municipal Council planned a musical fountain in the 4 water bodies circling the center of the park.
Ripples was assigned the task of creating a single musical fountain which would run on all the 4 water bodies and be visible to more than a few thousand people from 4 different locations in the park. This itself was a challenge since each pool was close to 40m long and separated by approx 30m from each other, practically making the fountain almost 300m long where the audience would see only one section at a time but if someone was to walk around the park the fountain would continue as one all around. The fountain was opened to public in September 2017 under Ripples operation and maintenance and has since been entertaining thousands of visitors daily with multiple shows every day.
Scope of Work:
1. Design, Supply, Installation, Commissioning of Musical fountain.
2. Operation and maintenance of the show for 5 years.
Type of Fountain: Fixed in a pool.
Size: Pool size 45m x 9m, 37m x 4m, 26m x 5m, 35m x 4m
Client: New Delhi Municipal Council
Location: Central Park, Connaught Place, New Delhi
Commissioned: September 2017

Equipment Details:

  • Chasing Jets – 140
  • 2D Robotic Jets - 16
  • Tall Jets – 6
  • Arching Jets – 8
  • Revolving Jets - 6
  • Lights: RGB IP68 LED lights with DMX control – 191

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